Valentine's Day Love Quotes for Someone Special in Your Life

Best Love Quotes for Someone Special in Your Life

You can celebrate love every day of the year, but it's wonderful to go the extra mile to honour the one you love on Valentine's Day. You may buy them flowers, gifts and even chocolates, but nothing is as romantic as a handwritten love quote to let that particular someone know how much they mean to you. 

If you are searching for perfect love quotes to send to someone special in your life during Valentine's Day and beyond, then these amazing words of unconditional love are right here for you.

You can send out a card or an email with these Valentine's Day quotations and sayings. Truly Valentine's Day is a time to honour and cherish the people in your life. Send them a note that is romantic to let them know how much they mean to you. Let these quotes express your feelings if you find it difficult to express love in words. 

Best Valentine's Day Love Quotes for Someone Special in Your Life

We have a tonne of unconditional love quotes, so you'll undoubtedly find the ideal one for your spouse and the one you love here.

"Life's purpose is not achieved through unhealthy competition. The only person you should compete with should be yourself. When you have the understanding that it takes the person that is you to achieve your life purpose, you would give it all within yourself to achieve that. When you begin to compete with others, you will never only lose focus but would find within you the purpose not to fulfil destiny."

True Season of Love Valentine's Day Quotes about Unconditional Love for One You Love 

If I may ask, “What actually should be the true season of love?” I know you might have one and a million answers to this simple but logical question. Somehow, your answer as I know will all depend on the side to which you view the question but basically, one truth is paramount – “Every moment should be the true season of love”. Agreed or not? But if you do, let me hear you shout it out, “Love is life and life is love!”

Love is life, the very life wire to which we are all connected. It is like the air we breathe. It gives life to every part of our body. If you are not feeling it, it never means it does not exist. Love is all we need to make the world a better place for all to live in. So if you want a longer life, love without hating but make room for hate. And to keep love going, learn to share it. When you share, you open your heart and it becomes renewed like the blossoming of the rose flower.

“True love is shared every moment your heart feels the essence of that love.”      

I bet you again, some may still disagree with this. You may say what happens in the moment of despair? To this I say; that moment is what defines true love and makes it stronger. Moment of despair is what actually adds value to make love worth its salt. If you are seeking a roller-coaster-kind-of-feel-good-love, then I will say you have not yet started. The true test of love is seen in moments of challenges. It is when the pain becomes stronger, that love seems to manifest itself. And if you can hold on to it, you can testify to its awesomeness.    

“Love a time comes with pains that make you gain her crown.”     

In gaining the crown of love, there are many things involved. If you have heard of these words; long-suffering, meekness, perseverance and all the kind words that have come to define love, then you will understand that love embodied them all in her kitty. It should be known that love is love because it is love. Love is not hating and harboured no hatred. It is kind-hearted and you can feel her gentle touch when you hold on to it. Sincere as this statement is, but yet people seek to go the fast lane when searching for love. We seem not to want her pains but rather seek her crown which we in there missed the essence of.

“Love may not be a bed of roses a times, but it is worth it in the long run that is if you hold on to it.”

If you hold on to love, I would say belief in it. When you believe in love, you will have it back in return but when you see it doesn’t worth it then it will never be worth it. Love is so precious to the heart of the beholder. It radiates an inward smile that beatifies the soul. It makes living glorious. It gives to our life what money can’t buy. But to make it worthwhile, we must cherish it in its purest form. Remember what you love, you cherish and when you don’t, you never will. So learn to appreciate the love and hold on to it because when you do, you will always find love.

“When you appreciate the value of love, love will appreciate you in return.”

Now I know your heart may still be harbouring the thought, when is the true season of love? Well, some will say, Valentine. And there I would say, Valentine normally comes and go. Many people during that day actually had one thing or the other to do concerning what Valentine was meant to be. 

Looking at Valentine, we all have come to see it as the season of love apart from Christmas. These seasons have been seen as the right time to send gifts of various kinds all with the tone to express our love. To me, it is all good as long as you believe in love. But I still believe in this line in my mind. 

"There is no specific time to express love, love should be expressed in every moment of the day."     

Above all, [John 3:16] gives it all to the true meaning of love. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

For God so loVed the world, 
        that he gAve 
             his onL
                       That whosoever 
      Believeth In him 
          should Not perish, 
       but have Everlasting life. — John [3:16]

"The purpose of your creation is that you should be the light that would lead others out of their dark tunnel. And if you cannot provide that ultimate calling of yours, you would not only fail yourself but others who looked up to you. Do within yourself all that it takes to be the light that blesses others for it is the only way that you will feel fulfilled and accomplish a purpose."

Powerful Valentine's Day Quotes about Love is Unconditional that Will Melt Your Heart

When it comes to love, so many things are involved but the bottom line is the one clear statement that defines the meaning of true love and that is, it must be unconditional. 

“When you seek to love, love unconditional. That is what will make love retain its true meaning.”

Loving someone means you dedicating your heart towards making that relationship work. As the saying goes, what you love you cherish and you wouldn’t want to see anything bad happen or harm that person. It was the same unconditional love that God had that He gave His only begotten Son for the sake of the perishing human race. It was this same unconditional love that our Saviour had for the same mankind. This was the same that made Him say, father, I will go, that your work might not perish. 

In our quiet time, do we actually sit back to reflect on why our Savior could love us this much even unto the point of giving up His life for us when actually He had the option to have to allow us to perish, after all, He could still create another being just the way He created us? Love was the reason and that same love He asked of us to love one another even as Christ loved the Church. But do we adhere to this?

Do we follow after the footstep of Him whom we seek to be His disciple? Christ is love and for love, he gave His all just to make us have an everlasting communion with His Father. Living without the iota of Christ’s love is like living for nothing. No matter what we pass through, we have a Father who cares. We shouldn’t seek to gain all the mansions of this world and yet think not of our eternity after our time here on earth.

“Have that communion with the one who created you. And your life will forever be better for it.” 

Love in its purest form is unconditional. Anything attached to it is not loving. When you seek to love, you seek not to find any fault in the person you love. Any weakness of that person is what love seeks to cover or eliminate. Love is life and love is divine. It is a commandment for us to love. We are to love unconditionally. Having this at the back of our mind will go a long way in giving us the enabling foresight that when we seek out to love, we should love in its purest forms which is unconditional. You should be able to give to the one your love a piece of your heart. It should be a token of all that is within you. This is a direct way to feel and free your mind of any doubt that may come in to make you feel otherwise. 

Give your heart no matter how hurt you may doubt to feel. You shouldn’t consider the hurt even if it comes, if your mind is made up in love, you wouldn’t feel the hurt too much even if it eventually comes.

“True love sometimes hurts deeper.”

Love is love, hurt or without hurt. Sometimes the love that hurts is the love that is real. It helps us to understand the person we love better. It makes us know that after all, we are human. And the spirit to forgive is divine when we are hurt by the one we love. Our ways at times hurt the One who created us but in spite of it, He still loves us without comprehension.  

“Love is strong, and if you seek to kill the bond embedded in love, sincerely you are wasting your time.” 

Love counts for creation; love makes the world go round. Love reconciles us to Our Maker. Love gives us all that we need to make life a beautiful place to live in. Love is all and love would ever be all. 

“Learn to love unconditionally and with no strings attached. It is the best you can do to your spirit, body and soul.” 

When you love unconditionally, you would find in between you the heart to cherish what you love and make it a worthy treasure that only the gift of your unconditional love can behold. Love and love with all your heart, when you love, you destroy hatred and make everything around you to be at peace with you and all. 

“Love is all and without unconditional love, the world and the human race are doomed.” 

"The law that is embedded in the day and night should be duly observed. The day is for you to work and the night is for you to rest. But know for sure that real discovery of purpose comes through the night. If you should rest, do not be lost in it. Let your meditation at night give you the balance in life to discover the purpose of your creation."

Unique Valentine's Day Quotes About Learning How to Say No with Love

Love, I would always say is a beautiful thing. And this beauty of it depends on how you treat and made it to be. When you treat love with value and understanding, then you will always have the worth of it. But where you treat and made it look like that which has no value; then you will always have that which will not profit your well-being.

Love was meant to be shared in a mutual and understanding way. It was never meant to be selfish but rather that which will bring us to that emotional connection which should be blissful, enduring and that will forever gladden the heart. In the thoughts of making it gladden our hearts, we should note that it is not at all times that we would find the pleasure of it that will always gladden our hearts. In love, we would have times that we would encounter challenges but in such situations, it is not for us to give up on love. But rather to prove the value that is embedded in love. And this value proves itself when we allow ourselves to still love in spite of that which surrounds us.

I know we would at most times but hurt in love. And this arises when we seem not to share the same ideologies on a certain aspect of life. In as much as this might arise, we should also know that there is no perfect love. For it is in our imperfection that we can make things perfect in love. In love, the feelings of your significant other should be that which should become paramount in your mind. In as much as this should be done, try your possible best how not to hurt the feeling of the one your love. And this involves that you learn how to say no to certain with love.       

“When you learn to say NO with love, you don’t only prove that you are worthy of love but you also showed that you are matured and capable of love in return.” 

Though they say for peace to reign in the home and in a relationship, you have to do the bidding of your spouse. Sometimes, I say it is not always good to do their bidding considering the situation at hand at that moment. You need time to reason out before doing any bidding. Do not be under any pressure to do the bidding of the one you love. But when putting out that straight face to say NO, do it with love. It is the attitude that you put up when saying NO that will make the other person seems to understand you. When you say No, do not make it look as if you are forcing it on the other person. Always take time to make an explanation. Explain to your significant other the reason behind your action. To do this, I say do it with love. Sometimes, it may be hard to understand at first but if you must live with peace of mind, it is not everything you should say YES to. Love can be blind but you need the light of reasoning to see it through. Listen and learn. Do not act foolishly and have yourself to blame and regret later.

Love actually should be shared with peace of mind and not through intimidation. When a relationship is built on intimation, then there is nothing valuable that would be achieved through such a relationship. In building your relationship, upward, let yourself be understood from the onset. When that understanding is there without any pretentious nature attached to it, that mutual understanding at all times would be there. And when you learn to communicate more at all times, there will always be a smooth way of getting things done without hurting the feelings of the other person. When you have to say No to certain things, it shouldn’t come with an augment but with a well-thought-out solution towards the challenges at hand. Always if the relationship is to move forward, you will always disagree to agree but in making that possible for you to have a healthy relationship, you actually must learn to say No with love. 

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